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Inside the Kitchen: Scill’s Grill in Rogers City

Scratch made everything–at Scill’s Grill, they might as well print it on their uniforms. 

For the last six years, Scott–a trained chef–and Jill Schroeder–a home cook–have used their passion for food to make mouths water up and down Michigan’s East coast. 

They take pride in what’s done by hand, their house-made sausage for instance, or the near two week long ordeal that results in some of the best pastrami you’ve likely ever had. 

Fresh fish is another big feature and being so near the Lake Huron shoreline has its advantages. The fresh catch on your plate came from a vendor only a few miles away.

The desserts are creative, the entrees… savory and the dining atmosphere–intimate with that great small town feel and big city flavor. 

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