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Inside the Kitchen: The Whitehouse Restaurant in Clare

Little diner… big food! I won’t take credit for saying that, it was actually Whitehouse owner Denise Jenks, but it is no less true. In fact, it’s what this place has been all about for more than 80 years now–an American classic specializing in American classics. 

Founded by two brothers way back in 1934, the Whitehouse churns out giant burgers, flavor packed breakfast specials and clever riffs on childhood favorites like the purple wheat french toast. 

What you’re actually getting here, beyond the food, the service with a smile is an authentic taste of the city it calls home; the restaurant prides itself on a locally built menu featuring, yes, local ingredients.

From the BBQ sauce on its chicken nachos, to the bread you’re served with breakfast to the bun on your burger, most of it comes from right down the street.

Two thumbs up on the pound (yes, one full pound!) burger, by the way–make time to try one for yourself!

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