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Inside the Kitchen: Audie’s Restaurant in Mackinaw City

Audie’s has been a fixture in Mackinaw City since the bridge was built but, even now, continues to deliver on the promises it was built on. 

Subsequent owners (as of the 1970s) have only added to the charm and today, it’s a great place to go, no matter the mood you’re in.

The restaurant has a family dining area, a spot to wine and dine, a lounge, even a large banquet space in the back.

Chef/Owner Nick Jaggi keeps it simple but amazing and boy, does he know how to cook game. 

On our visit, we sampled the elk pepper steak; seasoned, tenderized, sauteed and served with a host of fresh ingredients brought together with time and a rich veal demi-glace! 

Oh, and you can’t leave without grabbing some dessert! Here, they do some of it table-side, including a mean bananas foster!

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