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Inside the Kitchen: Stafford’s Pier Restaurant in Harbor Springs

Downtown Harbor Springs–there’s a lot to do and a lot of it revolves around the water. You can’t get much closer to it than Stafford’s Pier Restaurant. 

This place is literally on the water but, if that’s not close enough for you, the restaurant offers tours of Little Traverse Bay on its fully restored Pointer Boat. 

Stafford’s Pier, like the rest of the Stafford’s family of restaurants, is known for the quality of its food and the quality of its service.

On our visit, Executive Chef Britt Beaumont showed us a new use for the brussel sprout, an often forgotten vegetable reinvented, now living a new life as a total crowd-pleaser. 

They’re fried and drizzled with a house-made teriyaki sauce that will have you ordering seconds.

It’s clever combos like that that have kept this place afloat since the 1930’s and you definitely won’t regret a trip! 

You’ll find a full menu and directions .