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Inside The Kitchen: The Dockside on Torch Lake

It’s a restaurant that brings in the hungry by the boatfull. And if you’re spending the day on Torch Lake, good grub is necessary for keeping happy boaters.  

sits on Torch’s 5 mile point, luring in the water-logged with wafts of beach grub and beverage. The menu in itself is a site for sore eyes,  boasting flavorful favorites like Asian-inspired fish tacos, pulled pork burritos plus fresh salads, sandwiches and wraps to boot. As the name might suggest, the restaurant has a killer view and patio that practically puts you into the water. And sunsets? By The Dockside they’re so spectacular that the dock’s end bench is named for that sole purpose. 

From the infamous sand bar to the cheesy fried pickles, it’s just not a summertime in northern Michigan without a trip to the Dockside. And this week, we’re taking you Inside The Kitchen.

The Dockside is located at 6340 Old Torch Lake Dr., Bellaire MI 49615 (231) 377-7777