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Mio’s Freshman phenom Mia McGregor has her sights set on more than just points

MIO - The Mio Thunderbolts are set for years to come with freshman Mia McGregor leading the bolts into districts. McGregor is the daughter of two previous standouts at Mio, Kristi McGregor, who was a part of the Mio team to make it to the final four, and her father, Ty who was an all-state player for Mio when they won a state title going 28-0. It’s safe to say that Mia was born into a basketball family, and it didn’t take her long to get to her first game.

“She (Mia) was born on Sunday and then Ty picked us up at the hospital around 3 o’clock on Monday, we were at a game at 5:30. I was helping coach, a community college, girls’ team.” Kristi McGregor said. “So, she was at the game within 24 hours. I think she was probably; she was born a little after one. So, she was about 27 hours old for her first game.”

While Mia is averaging somewhere around 40 points a game, she has bigger goals than scoring the most points, in face she isn’t even aware of how many she scores night in and night out.


“I have no clue, actually, I try to worry about winning more than my points.” Said Mia McGregor.

If Mia’s not on the court she’ll more than likely be watching hoops.

“That’s really all me and my family do. We watch basketball games. Like if there’s not on TV, which there usually is, we’ll go to other sporting events and support our school. But that’s really all we do is basketball.”


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