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Marion beats Lake Linden-Hubbell to advance to 8-player state championship for first time in school history

MARION - On Saturday afternoon the Marion Eagles beat the Lake Linden-Hubbell Lakes 42-36 in the 8-player division 2 state semifinal game. The Eagles trailed the Lakes 14-8 at the half but used a huge second half to get the victory.

Marion senior Gavin Prielipp had four touchdowns for the Eagles, and the winning touchdown was scored by Aaron Whitney, it was his first touchdown this season.

Marion had fallen in the state semifinal for the past three years, but got it done on the fourth attempt this year and Prielipp was excited that they’ll get the chance to play for a state championship.


“How we’ve lost the last three years we took it very personal. So, we worked hard in the offseason to be here again, and we knew we had the shot to be here, and we come in this game with a new team. So, we just put it all out there and played Amazing to get it done to finally go to States.” Prielipp said.

Eagles head coach, Chad Grundy was emotional following the big win.

“The amazing thing is I told the kids, I said, I’ve never cried when we lost, but I cried when we won today it’s an amazing feeling, just so proud of these kids. They went through adversity. We had some injuries, were dinged up today and they just battled through it.” Said Grundy.

Marion will take on Adrian Lenawee Christian in the state title game.


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