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Women’s History Month: Traverse City Pit Spitters GM Jacqueline Holm

The Traverse City Pit Spitters are entering their 5th season, and have just hired their second-ever general manager and new GM Jacqueline Holm is ready to take the Northwoods League by storm.

“We’re working to make ourselves a better community partner and making sure that people know we’re here as a full time year round facility,” Holm said.

Though this is her first season at the helm for the Pit Spitters, it’s not her first go-around as a GM in the sport of baseball. But she’s prepared for all the things she needs to manage at the Northwoods level.


“Everything from part time staff to full time staff finances and game entertainment fan experience, and also unique in independent league baseball, the players. So we can actually contract coaching staff and recruit players if we so desire,” she said. “I have, you know, 10 years minor league baseball experience, I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes. Those don’t always feel good, but you learn something that teaches you something in the interim. So I can say confidently that I feel like I have the experience to do what I need to do.”

Being in a predominantly male role, Holm looks up to the women in sports who have come before her, and that has allowed positions like General Manager to become available for women.

“Billie Jean King is to me such a trailblazer. And I love tennis so much. I’m actually reading her memoir right now. And it’s incredible, just the things that she did for women and the game of tennis. And I mean, just all the things that she went through just to prove a point. I loved that about her. It wasn’t about vengeance, it was just about being better,” she said of her role model. “And then I’ve met a lot of incredible women along the way who have been what I feel ahead of me in the game and have opened the door for me too.”

Pit Spitters opening day is set for May 29th against the Rockford Rivets.

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