Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a Democrat running in the 2020 presidential election.

After graduating in 1968 from law school Biden briefly worked as an attorney before entering politics. In 1970, he was elected to the New Castle County Council. In 1972, Biden ran for the U.S senate against popular Republican incumbent J. Caleb Boggs. Many people thought he wouldn’t win, but after a tireless campaign he was elected to the senate and became the fifth-youngest U.S senator in the nation’s history.

During his time in the senate from 1973 – 2009 he became a distinguished member. He served as the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations for several years. His foreign policy positions included advocating for strategic arms limitation with the Soviet Union, expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to include former Soviet-bloc nations and opposing the First Gulf War.

He was also a spokesperson for tougher crime laws. He sponsored the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1994 to add 100,000 police officers and increase sentences for multiple crimes.

In 1987 Biden decided to run for the U.S presidency. He dropped out of the democratic primary because of reports that he had plagiarized part of a speech.

In 2007, Biden decided to run for the U.S. presidency. His campaign didn’t generate momentum against Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama. He dropped out after the Iowa caucuses, where he received less than one percent. However, several months later Barak Obama announced that Joe Biden would be his running mate. On November 2nd 2008, Barak Obama and Joe Biden won the election and on January 20, 2009 Obama became the 44th president and Biden became the 47th vice president.

During his time as vice president Biden actively participated in formulating federal policies relating to Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2010, he helped secure the passing of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the U.S. and the Russian Federation.

In 2012, Obama and Biden ran to be re-elected against the republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan. Obama and Biden won the election and served a second term in office. During his second term as vice president, Biden worked towards a bipartisan agreement on tax increase and spending cuts. Biden made a deal with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and on January 1, 2013 the fiscal bill passed in the senate. It was approved by the House of Representatives later that day.

Rebuild The Middle Class
  • Create union jobs that expand the middle class.
  • infrastructure legislation that incorporates labor provisions contained in Senator Merkley’s Good Jobs for 21st Century Energy Act, adopting all basic labor protections, ensuring that all investments meet Davis-Bacon wage guidelines, and banning anti-worker provisions like forced arbitration and the overuse of temporary staffing agencies.
  •  require federally funded projects to source materials in the U.S., to employ workers trained in registered apprenticeship programs, and to prioritize Project Labor and Community Workforce Agreements in federal procurement procedures
  • invest in expanded public transit systems
  • help state and local governments plan for the widespread adoption of electric cars  coordinate and invest in the construction of a national electric-vehicle charging network to power them
  •  push to build a national high-speed rail network
  • Transportation:  $50 billion over the first year of his Administration to kickstart the process of repairing our existing roads, highways, and bridges
Renewing American Values
  • Inclusivity, tolerance, diversity, respect for the rule of law, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion
Protecting Right to Vote/ Ending dominance of big money in our democracy
  • create a public financing system for federal campaigns and pass a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United to amplify the voices of individual Americans and ensure elected officials are working for the people

Unitemized Donations: $306,057,380
Obama Victory Fund: $140,653,739
Eugene Lee: $25,000
Sara Roizman: $12,500


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