Brighid Driscoll

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Brighid Driscoll is the voice behind 9&10’s new digital column GTPulse, a column covering the unique people places and things in the Grand Traverse area.

Brighid graduated from University of Michigan-Dearborn in 2019 with a public communication and cultural studies degree and had planned on working in advertising before she fell into journalism after accepting a position at her campus newspaper, The Michigan Journal. Brighid was the student lifestyle editor for a year and increased campus community building through a weekly column called Campus Confession, where students could anonymously write in about their experiences on campus. Through her editorship at The Michigan Journal, Brighid got to cover the North American International Auto Show and got asked to interview the University’s campus food provider’s CEO after writing a controversial article about how students felt about their access to affordable, campus food options. Articles she has written for The Michigan Journal have also ended up in the University’s International Alumni Newsletter.

Brighid was further drawn to journalism after an internship at CBS Detroit. She worked in advertising market research and also acted as a production assistant on the weekly television shows Michigan Matters and Street Beat. Interning at a large television station inspired her to put her love of writing to use on a larger scale than writing television commercials, so she decided to pursue journalism as a career.

Brighid is excited to be starting a career here in beautiful Northern Michigan, and when she is not working she likes to spend time outdoors, cooking, meeting interesting new people and taking in all the oddities that are the human experience.