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Crafting with the Katies: Making a cozy winter hat garland!

The cold temperatures and snow outside is the perfect excuse to stay inside and craft! But if you’re looking to bring the outdoors in, then this winter hat garland is perfect!

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden bead garland
  • Two colors of yarn
  • 2-3 toilet paper rolls or 1 paper towel roll
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Step one: Cut your toilet paper or paper towel rolls to make ¾” wide pieces. This will be your hat brim. For our garland, we fit 19 hats, so we cut 19 pieces.

Step two: Take your first yarn color and measure out a 9.5″ string. Cut 40 pieces of string per hat.

Step three: When you have all your strings cut, take one piece of yarn at a time and tie it to the outside of your roll piece. To do this: fold your yarn piece in half, leave the string on the outside of the roll, tuck your ends in through the loop of your yarn, and pull until it’s snug. Make sure you’re tying your string the same way each time.

Repeat step three for all your hats.

Step four: Flip your yarn strings inside out, so they come out at the top of your brim instead of hang at the bottom.

Step five: Take another strand of yarn and tie it about midway up around all your string pieces. It should form the shape of a hat!

Step six: Cut any extra fluff at the top of your hat to make a puff ball.

Repeat steps four, five, and six for the rest of your hats.

Step seven: To attach your hats to your garland, take a piece of string and thread it through the back of your hat. Then, tie your hat to your garland.

Step eight: Evenly space your hats along your garland, until you’ve completed your project!

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