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The One Up XP Show - Episode 102: Lego Fortnite, Disney Speedstorm, Mini Royale

This week we take you into 3 free games! Lego Fortnite which is within Fortnite, Disney Speedstorm and Mini Royale!

First up Lego Fortnite is like Minecraft but Lego styled! It is a lot of fun and made for anyone! Free on all platforms!

Disney Speedstorm is a hoot! Free on all platforms it is like Mario Kart but everything Disney! Enjoy!

Lastly we have Mini Royale! It is only on PC but also in testing! If you would like to play this game look up Mini Royale on Steam and apply for the beta testing! They have been allowing everyone in. Their playtests are running at specific times and you can find those announcements in their Discord.


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