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Wisconsin hunter saved after tree falls on his head in western U.P.

IRON COUNTY — A hunter from Wisconsin is fortunate to be alive after a tree fell on his head in the woods of the western U.P.

The Department of Natural Resources said it happened last month in Iron County. Two conservation officers helped save 81-year-old Ed Mongin, who thought he was paralyzed after a tree fell on him during a windstorm.

The two officers worked to strap Mongin down on a backboard and get him out of the muddy swampy area to a nearby hospital. Doctor’s originally told Mongin’s family that he was lucky to be alive, but probably would not walk again following head and vertebrae surgery.

However, several days later, family members said Mongin regained mobility in all limbs, stood up for the first time and was able to have a conversation. His doctors are describing his recovery as “miraculous.”