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Hook & Hunting: Checking out the Mancelona Buck Pole

MANCELONA — Hunters are hoofing it to their local buck pole on the second day of rifle season, and the Mancelona Buck Pole was no exception as the freshly harvested deer were on full display.

A buck or two in exchange for, well, a buck or two as cash prizes are going out for biggest deer, most points and more.

Hunters said it’s a great tradition, and for some it reminds them of ties to family.

“Hunting actually is a huge part of my life. I remember just growing up as a kid and going out with my grandpa and dad, and honestly, it’s just something that kind of I look forward to every year. It’s a lot of family traditions for me,” Kayla Moore, a member of the Mancelona Buck Pole Committee, said.

Prizes for the Mancelona Buck Pole were announced Thursday at 7 p.m. If you would like to see the results, click here.