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Hook & Hunting: Ebels General Store has processed over 400 deer so far this hunting season

Ebels General Store is in their 40th year of processing deer here in Michigan.

And the 2023 deer hunting season has been no disappointment so far. They have seen over 400 deer come in to be processed between their Falmouth and Reed City locations. Although they say they have not seen an increase in does coming in per the DNR request to shoot more does this year, they say the community support over the 40 years has been great.

“We get a lot of community support, we get a lot of support from people come in to their cabins and then dropping off deer before they go home. It’s kind of nice this time of year with the weather the way it is. It’s definitely warmer outside. So if you shoot a deer, you want to make sure you get it into the processor right away to make sure it gets cooled off and chilled out for you so you don’t have any trouble there,” Tom Ebels, the co-owner of Ebels General Store, said.

Ebels said they have been seeing an increase in bigger bucks being brought in, and they believe it is because of the three-point antler point restriction here in Northern Michigan.