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Hook & Hunting: FPS Archery in Cadillac ends ‘Biggest Doe Contest’ with 112 pound doe winner

UPDATE 1/4/24 6:35 p.m.

CADILLAC — FPS Archery in Cadillac held a unique contest this year, and instead of having a Biggest Buck Contest, they did biggest doe to help promote the DNR’s request to shoot more does.

They said they didn’t see as many does as they would have liked with a total of about 10 entries. The biggest archery doe came in at 112 pounds while the biggest firearm doe came in at 106 pounds. Both weights are after being field dressed.

They plan to continue doing the doe contest next season as it is a good way to help promote shooting does.

“Somebody does come in with a door and they have questions on, you know, hey, why, why, why are you doing a dog contest, I can explain to them our reasoning on why we think shooting outdoors in Michigan is going to help our hunting and state. And that kind of leads to a little more community aspect and education and learning,” Mitchell McEachern, the owner of FPS Archery, said.

The shop will release this year’s winners once the final doe season closes in lower Michigan.

10/19/23 6:35 p.m.

CADILLAC — You may have heard of big buck contests, but what about a big doe contest? In light of DNR wanting people to shoot more does, a local shop is hosting a special contest.

FPS Archery in Cadillac is doing a big doe contest until the end of deer season. There will be an archery class and a firearm class, and you can submit to both. There is a $5 entry fee, and deer must be field dressed and properly tagged to be entered.

There will be one winner from each class and they will receive an 80% payout.

“It gives us a chance when somebody comes into our door to maybe give a little more education on why we should be shooting more dogs in Michigan and also just community cool to see people coming in, take some photos, give some high fives, shake some hands when people are filling the freezers with meat,” Mitchell McEachern, the owner of FPS Archery & Firearm, said.

If you don’t want to enter the contest, they will still weigh your deer if you bring it in.