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Michigan Natives Make Their Mark On Harvard Medical School

When one thinks of the Harvard Medical School it is sure to bring up mental images of a beautiful campus where some of the countries best minds train to become the top of their prospective fields. But at the end of the day, these are students, sometimes fresh out of high school and on their own for the first time.

Because of the pressure surrounding the decision of where to attend college, many prospective students feel the stress as this decision will affect their next four to eight years if not more. That is why it is crucial for prospective students to visit the campus and experience the daily life first hand. To help them make a well informed decision the Harvard Medical School has a tradition of creating an entry music video for incoming freshmen, a chance for current students to have fun and share their experience.

For this years video two Michigan natives contributed a great deal, making their mark upon the tradition and creating a wonderful video. To check it out for yourself, visit the Harvard Medical School Youtube Page.