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‘Miracle Within Small Things’ Tells a Personal Story of Loss

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Having a parent decline as they age is always tough, but it’s the small things that can help them.

Author Mary McKSchmidt is the author of “Miracle Within Small Things.”

“After losing her husband of sixty-three years and, six weeks later, her beloved dog, Jane McKinney moves from Arizona to Michigan to be closer to her children. When Jane falls and injures herself during the pandemic, her daughter, Mary, becomes her primary caregiver. With Jane in the recliner and Mary on the floor at her feet, the two partake in a daily ritual they call their “chair chat.” A growing intimacy develops between mother and daughter as they read their writing aloud to one another, revealing their respective journeys to find peace of mind and joy of heart, even in life’s most difficult times. Threading through both their stories is the importance of nature in healing.”

Mary is here to talk about the personal experience of aging and loss she had with her mother.

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