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Inside The Kitchen at Pale Blue at the Stone House

“All of our wood comes right from Gladwin County,” said co-owner of Pale Blue at the Stone House, Brandon Hodgins, describing how their smoker works.

He says they use red oak and apple wood.

“When you actually are burning a fire at that level of combustion, the smoke in the smoker actually turns a pale blue color, and that’s the reason for our name, Pale Blue Smoking Company,” he said.

From the smoker, to getting stacked on the sandwiches.

All the spice blends and sauces are made in house.

“Our processes are very simple, but there’s a thousand fine details that can make the difference of whether it’s good or great, we focus on those fine details,” he said.

Brandon says they make everything by hand and by heart.

They’re locally owned and locally loved because he and his wife Becky, well, they’re locals themselves.

“I first asked her out when I was 14-years-old,” he said.

His high school sweet heart, now responsible for sweet treats at the iconic restaurant.

“So it’s just always been in my family and in my blood,” said Becky.

This is the strawberry dream cake.

“Then we are going to put frosting on our layer of fresh strawberries,” she said.

A labor of love that customers like Cody Finney certainly notice.

“The owners are always here,” he said. “Eating here feels like you’re eating at your grandma’s table at Thanksgiving.”

Both Becky and Brandon used to pass this building all the time growing up.

They say now it’s about 125 years old.

“For the first sixty years, this house was a family home,” described Becky.

“It’s been doctor’s offices, real estate offices, it’s been land surveying offices, brokerages, lawyers, all sorts of different types of businesses have been in this building,” Brandon said.

A fascinating history to look back on, and a bright future to look forward to.

“You got to plant the seeds that are going to that are going to reap what you want,” Becky said. “And what I want is a good community for my family to be in.”

You can find Pale Blue at the Stone House at 500 W. Cedar Avenue in Gladwin, and you can call them at 989-256-3343.

For more information about the restaurant, their cake classes, or catering, click here.