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Adoptable Furry Friends Looking For Their Furever Homes


We’ve got seven more adoptable dogs and cats for you to check out this week.

First up is Remington, a jack russel taerrier/wirehaired mixed.

Remington is a well-mannered pup that enjoys laying out in the sun on a nice day and going for long walks. He would enjoy a home with kids, big dogs and lots of cuddles.

He has been neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

You can meet Remington at Elk Country Animal Shelter.

Next up is Cricket, an eight month old pitbull terrier mix.

She is the sweetest girl you will meet, and enjoys running around outside and human interaction.

Crick is deaf, so training will look a little different. Hand signals is the best way to teach her, and luckily “sit” has already been covered.

She is house trained, spayed, microchipped and very ready for a home.

You can meet her at Elk Country Animal Shelter.

We’ve also got Miles, a 3-year-old mix breed at the Cherryland Humane Society.

He is dog selective after being kept in a kennel on the porch since his dog sibling did not like him. He loves some dogs, but is very unsure of others, which means it would be preferred if he was the only pet in the house, but with time and proper introductions he will easily make friends.

This also goes with people since he was not given the proper socialization tools when he was younger. So please don’t adopt him if you have young kids.

He is also a cuddle machine, snuggle champion who loves cheese.

If you you’re looking for an active dog that also loves to cuddle, then Hendrix might just be the dog for you.

Hendrix is a 2-year-old terrier, American pit bull mix who is a playful goofball looking for an active family that can manage his strength. He loves toys, especially tennis balls, rope toys and squeakers.

He still needs a little bit more training and socialization, and he must meet any new dogs before you take him home.

He does not do well with cats.

If you would like to meet Hendrix, he can be found at the Cherryland Humane Society.

But if you’re looking for some cats, then we’ve got you covered.

First in our list of cats is Pad Thai, a handsome, sweet boy looking for a family to call his own.

He’s a 2-year-old siamese mix that is playful and confident and would prefer a home with mature children.

And if you think he’s the right fit for you then check out Cherryland Humane Society.

Another cat from the Cherryland Humane Society is Sorbet.

A 1-year-old female domestic shorthair who was left behind by her previous owner when they moved.

She is sad and unsure about being in the shelter which has left her with some cat-titude, but she just wants to be loved and is coming out of her shell.

It’s probably best if she is adopted by someone who is willing to go slow with her and give her time to warm up.

Lastly we have 13-year-old Annie.

Annie is spayed and front declawed, and was surrendered to the shelter.

She has lived with other cats and dogs, and is a very sweet girl. She would do well in most family settings that are not too chaotic.

She’s very quiet and affectionate and can be found at the Animal Rescue Coalition in Big Rapids.


Are you ready for even more adoptable pups and kittens to check out, because we’ve got six to show off this week!

First up is Clover, a 7-year-old spayed female who was chained up since she was a puppy. Despite that, she is still loving and affectionate and just wants to be with people.

She deserves a home where people will love her until the end of her life.

She walks very well on a leash and is well behaved. We think she would do well with children, and she might do OK with a cat if very slowly introduced.

Her adoption fee is only $20 and you can find her at the Animal Rescue Coalition.

We think these ears will help get Padme adopted.

But other than the ears, Padme is a little bit of a nut who loves playing, but can walk perfectly on a leash.

She also enjoys nice walks in the woods and then will just cuddle with you when you come back home.

She is a little timid around men, so she might do best in a home with all women.

She does not do well with female dogs, but might do well with a male dog.

She can also be found at the Animal Rescue Coalition in Big Rapids.

Next we have Allyson who is 4-years-old.

Her scars tell a story of a difficult past, but her eyes hold nothing but love and excitement for a bright future.

Allyson was saved from a dog fighting ring in South Carolina by Bark Nation before coming to Michigan.

Despite that, Allyson is confident, outgoing, goofy to the max, playful, a cuddler and smart as a whip. She loves to play with toys, and loves people.

She does best if she is the only pet in the household, but is also actively improving on her socializing.

If you want to adopt her, then it’s recommend to not have any children under 12.

She can be rescued at Cherryland Humane Society.

Up next is 8-year-old Benny, who despite his age is still an active dog who loves outdoor time which includes rolling in the grass and going for walks. Just be careful when walking because he is stronger than he looks.

He likes having people sing to him, and yes it does make him smile. He’s a sweet gentle boy with old man qualities that are nothing short of completely endearing.

Though he likes to have his space respected, including his sensitive body parts like his paws and tail and also his sleeping and resting places. So it would be best for Benny to be in a home with mature kids.

Benny is OK with other dogs and cats though.

You can find him at the Cherryland Humane Society too.

And onto some of the cats up for adoption.

First up is Vern, who has a lot of love to give.

He is one laid back cat who loves napping and eating, but don’t let his laziness fool you since he is a playful cat when he wants to be.

Vern also gets along well with other cats.

He can be found at Elk Country Animal Shelter.

And then there is 4-year-old Harpy, named after her unique, high pitched meow.

She is an extremely affectionate cat who loves pets and can’t wait to join a family to have endless attention and love.

She will need a dental cleaning/possible extractions once she’s been established at a new vet.

If you would like to adopt her then you can find her at Cherryland Humane Society.


We’ve got two more Pure Michigan rescues looking for a forever home this week.

First one up is Garrick, who is around 4-years-old.

Garrick is a very well behaved dog who waits very patiently in his kennel for his turn to go for a nice walk in the woods, and to top it off he is great on a leash.

Garrick is playful and affectionate, and would fit in to any home.

He loves to roll around in the snow, so now would be the perfect time to adopt him.

All Garrick wants is to be loved and settled in his forever home.

His adoption fee is $20 with a refundable $25 neuter deposit.

Next we have Stormie, a 2-year-old spayed female.

Stormie loves every human she meets and is very playful and affectionate. But she needs to be an only cat because she likes to rule the roost.

Both Stormie and Garrick can be found at the Animal Rescue Coalition in Big Rapids.


We’ve got more Pure Michigan pets looking for a forever home this week.

First up is Spade.

Like every dog, Spade loves to be taken for a nice walk and is great on a leash. He is a very playful and affectionate dog who loves a good car ride.

He’s currently at the Animal Rescue Coalition in Mecosta County. There is a $20 adoption fee and if you are looking to give spade a forever home.

Also at the Animal Rescue Coalition in Mecosta County is Ginny.

Ginny is a sixth month old unspayed female cat. She is playful, loving and would do great in an active home.

She loves other cats and all people, and it will only cost you $10 to bring her home.

Next we have Dolly.

Dolly is a 2-year-old spayed female. She started her journey to Elk County from somewhere in Genesee County and ended up in Mio where she was picked up as a stray and brought in back in January of 2022.

Dolly loves people and to play outside with other dogs. She is super smart and energetic, but is not a big fan of cats.

She knows basic commands, but could use some leash work.

Dolly is a good looking girl full of personality, and she can be rescued at Elk Country Animal Shelter.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Milla.

Milla is a 2-year-old spayed female.

She is one goofy girl who loves fetch, balls and toys.

Elk Country calls her jello dog because she gets wiggly and shakes her whole body. She is super happy with long dandy lion legs.

She is treat motivated for training and attention. Milla is also active and would do best in an active home.

Milla can also be found at Elk Country Animal Shelter.