Local Communities Feel the Impact From Recreational Marijuana Sales

Cities, townships and counties who’ve opted for Marijuana Sales have seen a positive impact.

420 1Blue in the Face in downtown Cadillac has felt the positive effects and are celebrating the holiday with their first ever 4/20 event. One of the vendors at today’s event, Ryan Smith, says legalization has had a huge impact.

“I just think it’s a great thing for the community,” Smith states. “I don’t know if anyone else in the area is doing this [event], but we are and we’re going to be doing this again next year.”

Blue in the Face along with other businesses downtown have been able to cash in since legalization.

“The other cool thing about that to is it effects every business around here as well,” says Christopher Whitman, Training Manager for Lume Cannabis.

The Owner of Blue in the Face, Patricia Keck, concurs. She says business is great.

“By having the dispensaries in the area, more people come downtown. Their coming downtown to shop in my store, other stores. It’s helping the downtown community quite a bit,” Keck explains. Oceana Pot Ordinances Pkg00 00 02 04still001

Judging by the tax revenue generated from marijuana sales — it’s been a success for the cities, townships and counties that allow it.

While some folks remain weary of recreational marijuana businesses, Keck says the pros outweigh the cons.

“It’s just going to help the community in so many different ways. I just can’t wait to see where all this goes. I’m here and I’m just going to keep sticking it out. See where this takes us,” Keck says.

Adult-Use Marijuana Payments Based on Marijuana Revenues Collected in Fiscal Year 2021 (9&10 Viewing Area)

Benzie County                            3 dispensaries        $169,360.32

Cadillac/Wexford County       2 dispensaries       $112,906.88

Cheboygan County                    3 dispensaries      $169,360.32

Chippewa County                      3 dispensaries      $169,360.32

Crawford County                        2 dispensaries       $112,906.88

Kalkaska Village/County       7 dispensaries        $395,174.08

Lake County                                3 dispensaries      $169,360.32

Manistee City/County            5 dispensaries        $282,267.20

Mecosta County                        12 dispensaries      $677,441.28

Newaygo County                        3 dispensaries      $169,360.32

Osceola County                         1 dispensary          $56,453.44

Oscoda County                            1 dispensary          $56,453.44

Presque Isle County                    2 dispensaries       $112,906.88

Roscommon County                  2 dispensaries       $112,906.88