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Northern Michigan Hometown Heroes: Mid-Michigan Honor Flight


Mid-Michigan Honor Flight is one of three regional hubs in the sate of Michigan and offers services to veterans in over 50 counties.

Green joined the Army in 1980 as Military Police and was a Sergeant with the Michigan State Police for 18 years.

He went on his first honor flight with his father, who was a Korean War veteran, in 2014. He was selected to be on the board of directors in 2016, and became the president in 2019.

During the podcast, we learn how important Honor Flights are to our World War II, Vietnam and Korean War veterans.

We also discuss how Covid-19 caused all flights to be grounded for 18 months and because of this, many veterans never had the chance to see their memorial.

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To apply for a Veteran or Guardian seat on an upcoming honor flight, visit