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Midland Tech Company Creates Contact Tracing Program for Restaurants, Event Centers

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The restaurant industry has been through a lot this past year between closing indoor dining to now opening back up at 50% capacity.

One restaurant tech company in mid-Michigan wants to make things easier for restaurant owners, and bring peace of mind to their customers and staff.

“If this is what we have to do to dine indoors and increase occupancy, then this is what we have to do,” said BYOD, Incorporated Brand Manager David Graham.

In the age of technology, Midland-based tech company, BYOD incorporated, developed two programs for contact tracing in restaurants, one for guests called Guest Protect, and one for employees called Temp Protect. They also developed a similar contact tracing program for events called Event Protect.

“There is a QR code printed out, and you simply hover your phone over it and it brings up a contact screen,” said Graham. “You enter your details, you hit proceed, you show whoever’s at the table or at the hostess stand that you’ve got a pass screen and you go straight to the venue menu.”

Temp Protect is for restaurant employees before they clock in to work.

“The staff uses Temp Protect via their cell phone or an iPad,” said Kurt Busard, C.O.O. of Downtown Restaurant Investment. “The thermometer is bluetooth connected to the app, so it just uploads that right away and gives them basically a check mark that they are good to go for work.”

It’s currently used in hundreds of restaurants in Michigan, in partnership with the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association.

“This was a digital solution that was less intensive and made it easier for our customers and our employees,” said Busard.

Overall, BYOD’s goal is simple with these new programs.

“We want a visible, strong presence of the restaurant owners being able to do whatever they can possible to make a more secure environment and inspire consumer confidence,” said Graham.

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