Traverse City Artist Creates Coloring Book Using Photos From Community

Adult coloring books have been a trend for quite a while, and a local artist wanted to get creative with one she has been making.

Img 5124“I never imagined I’d publish a book,” said Yvette Haberlein. “Didn’t know it would be a coloring book, so I’m really excited.”

Yvette has been drawing and painting for years, but when the pandemic hit, she wanted to create something different.

“I was making some line and wash drawings, and I thought, ‘wait a minute, other people might want to do their own style when they see the ink drawings,’,” she said. “So I thought, ‘Hey I’ll make a coloring book’.”

That’s when the Traverse City Coloring Book Project was born. She wanted to showcase the people of Traverse City, through their eyes.

“I like to get the essence of the thing that I am painting in my drawing or my painting,” said Yvette. “I thought the best way to do it is to involve real people in this portrait.”

After reaching out on Facebook for photos to draw, she received everything from scenic landscapes, lighthouses, and seasonal events.

“My favorite as far as the ones involving people from the community are this one of this boy who’s at the Pit Spitters park holding a ball,” she said. “And then some kids playing at the beach, those are just some of my favorites.”

She hopes this book not only showcases the beauty of Traverse City, but the diversity of the community too.

“The people that are involved in the coloring book usually don’t know each other, so it’s like seeing community in one place, in one book together,” Yvette said. “I think it’s just a cool idea.”

Yvette will be publishing her book on March 12. It will be available on her website, Facebook page, as well as local businesses.

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