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Business in Focus: Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus

Snowboarding, skiing, and sledding are definitely in the forecast this winter. But, before you head out to the slopes, you need to make sure that you’re geared up for the sport and cold weather. Michelle Dunaway is at in Grand Rapids where she gets the rundown on their winter wear.

“This is definitely our busy season,” said Brian Dean, the manager. “There are tons of ski orders already completed and ready for pick up”.  Dean also mentioned that Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus is considered a leader in skiing products in the region. “We’ve got a very large ski shop for the size of our store”.

In addition to their products, they also offer excellent customer service, custom orders, and fittings for most of their equipment. “If you’re in a properly fitted ski boot and fitted ski, that makes all the difference and you get the most enjoyable time out on the snow,” Dean said. 

Due to COVID-19 and to ensure that each customer is taking care of in the best way possible, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus is requiring appointments to come to the store. To make an appointment, .

“We were founded in 1961 by a couple of guys that just love to be on snow,” the marketing director, Jon Holmes. “They had trouble finding places to get good equipment, they started getting good equipment, and their friends wanted them to get equipment for them so they started a store in West Michigan”.  

After being in business for several years, Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus continues to be an excellent source for outdoor needs. This includes camping, hiking, and paddle-sports.

For more information about Bill & Paul’s Sporthaus, .

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