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Brewvine: North Peak Brewing Company Prepared for TC Beer Week

Traverse City Beer Week begins on November 13th and is busy brewing up some new and unique beers to showcase.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take you to Traverse City for a sneak peek at their new brews.

“When I moved down here I realized TC had its own beer week I was kind of excited,” said Brian Richards, head brewer at . “So, it’s a good opportunity for people to kind of showcase something cool, something that they wouldn’t typically do.”

Traverse City Beer Week is an event that brewers all over town look forward to every year.

For them it’s a chance to show off their creativity and have some fun creating unique beers for their customers.

Brian has an outside-the-box brew that he is excited to showoff this year.

“I’ve got a beer that is kind of modeled after like a margarita, basically so I use some corn in it, it’s got like a nice quality blue agave nectar and just lots of lime and might even put some salt in there to kind of really, you know, try to mimic that like margarita kind of flavor,” he said.

He’s got two more that will be on tap that are a bit more traditional but are sure to be crowd pleasers but this bevy of beverages is only available for a limited time.

With five dollar flights and discounts on pints during TC Beer Week, these delicious drafts won’t last long.

“We just put a dunkelweizen which is like a dark German style wheat beer, leans a little more towards kind of a clove spice sort of flavor a little bit of fruity character from the fermentation snd just, it’s still lower in ABV so it’s very approachable and something you could have a few of,” said Brian. “And I think it’s a great like fall type of beer and that should be on tap, I’d say for the next month or so. We also have a Belgian style pale ale that will probably have on probably by maybe a week before the Traverse City Beer week starts but it will probably be on for another month or two.”

For this week is less about competition and more about enjoying their craft.

“I try not to think about what other people are doing,” he said. “I don’t care to make it competitive or anything as long as I feel that I’m making something that’s going to be fun to try and something that’s unique.”