MTM On The Road: True Riches in Merritt Has a ‘Mich-Mash’ of Must Haves

09 14 20 545 Tz True Riches in Merritt is a unique shop you’ll definitely want to stop into. 

From fresh produce to locally made items, they truly have what they call a “mich-mash of must haves.” 

Some of the many things you’ll find inside include jewelry, hand blown glass, essential oil products and even some food and drinks!

The shop was opened by two lifelong best friends who have made it their passion to give the community a place to sell their creative work. 

Each time you stop into True Riches, you’ll find something new. 

Our On The Road Crew, Gabriella and Stephanie, are talking with the owners along with some local artisans about their work.

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