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Hook & Hunting: Betsie River Salmon Fishing

A popular salmon fishing spot in northern Michigan is getting some regulation changes.

Salmon fishing will not be allowed on the Betsie River within 300 feet of the lamprey barrier of the Homestead Dam.

It used to be allowed past 100 feet.

These new regulations are in response to the increased popularity of the spot causing bank erosion, littering and other illegal activities.

It has also affected the fish population.

The DNR says these changes will help fix that problem.

“Even with a fairly small change from 100 feet to now 300 feet below the structure, that’s going to ensure that a larger portion of those fish that are kinda bottlenecked for a short period of time below the dam have a chance to get through get upstream get into the areas of the river that are closed to fishing right now,” said Scott Heintzelman, Fisheries Division Unit Manager.

The DNR says that finding the balance between protecting the fish population while allowing anglers to enjoy the Betsie River responsibly is important.

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