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State of Michigan Launches New Website For Career-Building Skills

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Many people lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To help them get back to work, the was created by The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, along with Michigan Works and the Michigan Community College Association.

The website offers several career-related resources for anyone in need of a job.

People can explore different in-demand careers, apply for college classes or training services to get a degree or certificate, discover online learning opportunities, or learn how to succeed in a virtual job interview.

LEO Director of Employment and Training Stephanie Beckhorn said she hopes people utilize these resources while they are still at home and looking for work.

“There are opportunities. Employers are hiring,” said Beckhorn. “Yes, they may be looking for some specific skills or degrees or credentials, but people are hiring and the tools on the ‘Skills to Work’ website will help you get the training you need or get right into that job.”

The Skills to Work website can be found .

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