Disinfection Companies in High Demand During COVID-19

As more stores, restaurants, and schools open, the need for disinfection companies has never been greater.

“COVID got a lot worse,” said Integrity Spray owner Brandon Mattarella. “Now there’s quite the demand for it.”

07 28 20 Covid SanitationMattarella transitioned his company from spray foam to focus to sanitization.

“We didn’t have any plans on having a disinfection company, but when COVID came out in the early stages of it before businesses were shut down,” said Mattarella. “We just saw how serious it was getting and how businesses could possibly be affected. We felt there was going to be a need for it.”

Integrity Disinfection has already cleaned several local Traverse City businesses.

“We spray a disinfectant that is on the list “N” of the CDC’s recommendations,” said Mattarella. “We’re going 8 feet down all walls, the entire floor, and all surfaces in between those areas.”

The company sprays Bootlegger’s Bar in downtown Traverse City weekly, which General Manager Scott Lama says has been an important added element to their cleaning process.

“We go through stringent protocols every night disinfecting and cleaning,” said Lama. “We brought them in to do the deep, deep cleaning that we just can’t do. We’re doing everything in our power to set the community at ease.”

Mattarella thinks deep sanitation will be the new norm for businesses.

“Having to disinfect weekly, daily, or just after a busy weekend is just the way it seems like it’s going to be,” said Mattarella.

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