Ludington Splash Pad Opens After 7 Years in the Making

The city of Ludington unveiled its new splash pad in Copeyon Park on July 2 after seven years of fundraising efforts.

“That’s always a challenge for a small community,” said Community Development Director Heather Tykoski. “But we had a great group of parents and a committee that worked really hard and is very diligent and was committed to getting that done.”

It also required a lot of working with the city.

07 10 20 Ludington Splash Web Image“We had to work with the city on the specs they wanted,” said the splash pad Committee Chair Stephanie Reed. “How much water to use, the location, things like that.”

One of items on that list was how the water was going to be supplied.

“The water comes straight from our water plant and we have a discharge permit,” Tykoski said. “We meet all the guidelines to send that water right back into the lake. That is something I know is a concern during COVID-19 and during any other time sanitation wise.”

COVID-19 also put a stop to the finishing touches of the park.

“COVID hit in early March and then we were shut down shortly after that,” Tykoski said. “Construction was also shut down shortly after that which put a halt on this getting finished.”

While there is still more work to do, like growing grass around the pad and installing benches, the committee wanted to open to the public so they can take advantage of the splash pad in the hot summer days.

“We wanted to get that open for the kids as we were approaching the Fourth of July weekend knowing it was ready to go,” Tykoski said.

The committee is proud of the work they’ve done and they feel it will benefit the community greatly.

“I just think it’s another fun place to go cool off,” Reed said. “Especially with the littler kids where it may be more intimidating to take them to the beach, I think is going to be packed.”

The splash pad is open from 8 to 10 through Labor Day, September 7. To find rules and helpful tips before heading to the pad, you can visit the splash pad’s Facebook page.

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