Northern Michigan in Focus: Sequestered Art Exhibit

For the last few months a lot of us were stuck at home for a long time.

To battle some boredom, a Gaylord organization came up with a creative way to help. 07 08 20 Nmif Sequestered

“It’s called Sequestered Art and it’s art that was created during the Stay Home, Stay Safe time,” said Jan Kellogg, art manager for the Gaylord Area Council for the Arts.

As the saying goes “idle minds are the devils workshop,” so the Gaylord Area Council for the Arts had an idea while everyone was under sequester.

“We thought that through the summer it would be good to look at what people would be doing while they’ve been at home. We know that art is a way of coping with stress and depression, so we wanted to encourage people to be creative, even though they were at home,” explained Jan.

Word got out and over 20 artists submitted pieces.  The Sequestered Art exhibit was born. 07 08 20 Nmif Sequestered A

“It’s a really nice variety. We really never know what we’re going to get so it’s always a surprise, a pleasant surprise, for us to see,” said Jan.

If you don’t feel comfortable going out yet, they have other ways to view it.

“It’s an in-person show, but we’re also going to be putting it on our website so that people can see it while they are at home. We will also put it on our Facebook page so people can see it that way,” explained Jan.

The exhibit will be at the Gaylord Area Council for the Arts until late August.

“Let people get out of the house, feeling happier, and maybe might not be as stressed as they have been.”

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