Online Water Safety ‘Jam Sessions’ Replace Canceled Conference

The weather is warming up and the Great Lakes Water Safety Consortium nonprofit wants to help people safely enjoy the Great Lakes.05 27 20 Gl Safety Vo

They had to cancel this year’s conference in Traverse City because of COVID-19.

But now they are taking the topics they planned to cover there and starting a virtual webinar series.

Executive Director Jamie Racklyeft says they will talk to experts each week on topics like high water levels, waves and currents, drownings, and Great Lake hot spots.

“We have over 10,000 miles of coastline, lots of beaches and parks where people go, lots of piers and lighthouses where a lot of crazy currents form like structural currents that are really dangerous too, not just classic rip currents; so there’s a lot of dangers,” Racklyeft says. “We don’t want people to stay away. We want them to be safe, and we have a lot of ways to do that. If you join us in these Zoom conferences, you’re going to learn a lot about how to keep yourself and others safe.”

The first session this Thursday will be about opening beaches in the wake of COVID-19.

You do need to register online to be a part of the sessions.

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