Traverse City’s 10th Annual Bike Swap Canceled

A Northern Michigan nonprofit is canceling its biggest fundraiser of the year.04 29 20 Recycle A Bicycle Vo.transfer

Recycle-A-Bicycle in Traverse City canceled its 10th Annual Bike Swap.

It was scheduled for the end of May.

The bike swap allows the public to sell their bikes and Recycle-A-Bicycle would receive 25% of that sale. Money the bike swap raises helps the group refurbish and recycle used bicycles.

“We’re not in dire straits or anything. We have a little money. But it’s always nice to know that I can have this swap. And it’s not just for me only. There’s a lot of community members that have bicycles in their garages and the kids have moved out or outgrown or whatever reason they’ve upgraded to something different and this stuff is taking up space.”

Recycle-A-Bicycle says it plans to have smaller bike sales sometime this summer.

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