Provisioning Center Now Open in Baldwin

Lake County has been waiting for a provisioning center to re-open in their area for nearly ten years.

That wait is finally over.

“A lot of people who use this stuff, they don’t want to drive and stuff like that so it helps,” says Bradley Dodson, a new customer at The Green Door of Baldwin.

Dodson is a caregiver for his sister who he says needs medical marijuana. “She has NF2 brain tumor disease. She’s blind, she’s deaf, communicate by touch and everything. Without the CBDs that’s really the only thing that’s been helping her sleep lately,” says Dodson.

Now Dodson says, this new provisioning center will help him get his sister’s medicine faster. “They have an easy place to go to, they don’t have to drive two or three hours somewhere, it’s safe, it’s reliable.”

The Green Door of Baldwin individualizes their products to each customer’s needs.

Justin Dominique, general manager of Pure Michigan Growers, which supplies most of the tested products at The Green Door, says, “We offer bigger jars that we pull out in front of the patient and we package it right there, so you’re not seeing a prepackaged container and unknowing what’s in there.”

As well as bringing more opportunities to the area like high paying jobs, says Owner of The Green Door Mark Smith. “There’s not many industries tapping on people’s doors saying let me put up factories, this is one that is.”

It’s a business the owners hope won’t just be a remedy for the patients walking in but the surrounding community too.

Dominique says, “It brings people into a city that might not have come here for any other reason, an then once they’re here they realize there’s trail systems, that there’s other places to go, there’s nice restaurants, there’s cool little games fishing spots.”

The Green Door of Baldwin is also in the process of applying for their recreational marijuana license.

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