Tough Jobs: Planting Vines

Northern Michigan has some of the best wineries but there’s a lot that goes into the process from planting the grapes, to pouring a glass of your favorite wine.

“It’s from the ground up,” said Ralph Stabile, president of Mackinaw Trail Winery and Brewery and Resort Pike Cidery and Winery. “Really it’s the vineyard that produces your best wines, the winemaker can help it along and the technology in the equipment we have can help us along but you gotta start out with that premium grape right out of the vineyard and that starts right here from the beginning.”

For this Tough Job in Northern Michigan, Whitney Amann and Catie Emery take you to Resort Pike Cidery and Winery in Petoskey to show you the first step in getting that perfect Northern Michigan glass of wine.


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