Hook & Hunting: Walleye Rearing Program

Anglers on the Muskegon River should be on the lookout now for electrofishing boats.

Starting this week, the DNR will be collecting walleye eggs near the Croton Dam.

They plan to collect around 30 million eggs from the river for their walleye rearing program.

The walleye population in Lake Michigan and many inland lakes depend on fingerlings from the Muskegon River eggs.

They want to remind you that you can still fish when this is happening but to use caution.

“We’ll be collecting the adult walleye by electro fishing and then right on the bank, we’ll be spawning the males and females together and they will leave us with fertilized eggs that we can take back to our hatcheries for them to hatch out ,” said Mark Tonello, fisheries biologist.

Four days are planned but the actual dates will depend on water temperatures and ripe fish.

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