Hometown Tourist: Ginger Snaps in Elk Rapids

In downtown Elk Rapids you’ll find a store called Ginger Snaps, nestled right on River Street, that is full of fun finds, new and old.

Courtney Hunter and Erin Malone take you there for this week’s Hometown Tourist.

“From new to repurposed, and we have a lot of great artists and pieces!”

Meet Ginger Rhea, she’s the owner of Ginger Snaps in Elk Rapids. With a collection of unique and fun finds, you’ll spend quite some time exploring. And just like the name, you’ll find lots of sweet treats here.

“The store is a mix of both items, new and things I go out and find. I’m a glorified picker, I go out and find things, bring them in,” explained Ginger. “So I go out to sales and state sales and all kinds of places and find all kinds of little goodies.”

She also finds artisan pieces, which she says really make the store and add to its character even more.

And when it comes down to it, she just loves her customers and they love her, too.

“I’ve had some customers that have been coming for ten years, so they’ve kind of grown up in this store. They used to come in and buy the Hot Wheels cars and now they, you know, are interested in you know updating their looks and stuff,” said Ginger.

From Hot Wheels for the kiddos to home decor and artwork, at any age you’ll find something to treasure here, and that’s Ginger’s goal.


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