Hometown Tourist: Northern Michigan Artists Market in Petoskey

The Northern Michigan Artists Market in Petoskey is located right downtown and it’s a beautiful and large space that features artists from up north.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take you there to talk to one of the owners in this week’s Hometown Tourist.

From the Upper Peninsula to south of Traverse City and over to Lake Huron, the Northern Michigan Artists Market represents more than 90 talented artists.

“We like to have art in really as much variety as we can, all media. You walk around the gallery, you see that we have everything from glass to pottery to paintings to candles to jewelry,” said Marty Scott.

The subject is centered around Northern Michigan, but the artists have a wide variety of focus and appeal.

From beautiful woodwork to soap made from local goats milk, as well as Michigan themed poetry, clothing and other items, the artists here take pride in showing off the true beauty of Northern Michigan.

“The most important thing is just the pleasure of the artwork itself. You know, we sell things that nobody needs in here, everybody will survive without this, but it’s an important thing for their lives and we hope they get joy out of having it,” explained Marty.

At the end of the day it’s about taking joy in appreciating artwork and taking pride in the handcrafted pieces from Northern Michigan.

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