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Hometown Tourist: Nature’s Kennel Sled Dog Racing and Adventures

Nestled on a beautiful property in the eastern Upper Peninsula is a new kind of opportunity for winter adventure that will certainly pull you in: sled dog racing.

David Lyden and Erin Malone take us to in McMillan for this week’s Hometown Tourist.

A dog lover’s haven, Nature’s Kennel has tons of adorable and loving Alaskan huskies who just love to be out in the snow.

“They’re all very friendly, so people can come through pet all the dogs. In addition to their trip experience, they also get to meet the dogs, hook up the dogs, be pretty interactive with the dogs as well,” said Tasha Stielstra.

Drive your own team, ride as a passenger or switch on and off – trips range from 10 to 20 miles and even an overnighter at a remote cabin and yurt. It’s really a winter paradise.

Nature’s Kennel also is a competitive racing team, doing races like Yukon Quest and Iditarod, so a lot of these dogs have raced in the big time or will sometime in the future!