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Business in Focus: Treetops Resort’s Skiable Feast, Beer & Wine Festival

Imagine cross-country skiing or snowshoeing and stopping for exquisite local food at the same time.

The in Gaylord is a real excursion people can go on, and staff says it’s a unique chance to explore about four miles worth of trails while taking in top-quality food.

“My boss always says this is the only time you can cross country ski and snow shoe and actually get fatter than when you actually went,” Director Kevin Mckinley says. “Basically we are talking about a track about six kilometers through the woods, but you get to stop about each kilometer along the way and there is a different dish and we do a little bit of breakfast. We do a little bit of soups and mountain man chili, a roasted pheasant soup, and then we mix in desert along the way as well.”

Skiers and snowshoers start at 9:30 a.m., and can take about 4 to 5 hours to complete the physical and tasteful adventure.

For $89, this gourmet winter adventure offers plenty of dates to choose from, including nearly every Saturday until March 2.

The only Saturday they plan to take off is Super Bowl weekend, and that’s because there are other plans at Treetops Resort—a beer and wine festival!

2019 Michigan Beer & Wine Festival

For the people that are more into drinks than they are into food, Treetops resort has the  on Feb. 2.

All kinds of breweries and wineries will descend on Treetops.

Not only will guests be able to choose from an array of craft beer and wine, but there will also be appetizer stations from award-winning chef Scott Rutter and the culinary dream team.

“And basically when the breweries come when the vineyards come, they are bringing their best,” McKinley says. “So they are bringing the stuff they really want to push, and so it is a really cool deal.”

Head to to purchase your tickets.

$25 per person includes:

  • Access to the event
  • 10 tasting tickets
  • Souvenir glass

$45 per person includes:

  • Access to the event
  • Souvenir glass
  • 15 tasting tickets
  • A food voucher good for one visit to the food station
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