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Inside the Haunted Terrace Inn in Petoskey

Halloween is next week and if you want to get in one last scare the Terrace Inn in Petoskey is ready for you to check in where you might experience some ghoulish ghosts.

The Terrace Inn hotel opened to travelers in 1911 and after a decade of business and two deaths at the hotel now has guests coming back for a very different experience.

“Well it’s considered haunted because it’s haunted,” said Terrace Inn owner.

The Terrace Inn has 38 rooms, a restaurant, and two ghosts?

“There was a woman here named they called her Abbey Sweet her full name was Elizabeth Abbey Sweet. She was pregnant with twins when she was here and she fell she miscarried and she died,” said Rave.

“That event happened in room 211, her husband Edward came back and died some years later supposedly of a broken heart. And room 308 and those by the way are the two most common rooms for reporting ghost experiences.”

The front desk has a binder that holds a list of first hand reports of paranormal experiences.

All the accounts are similar, written from strangers over a span of 25 years experiences ranging from seeing shadows of a man, hearing footsteps, and the sounds of a party even when the hotel is vacant.

“One night we were sitting right here with a group of women we had about 12 people and just as we started to talk the piano behind me started playing on its own,” said Chris Struble, owner of Petoskey Yesterday tours.

But there’s no need to be afraid none of these paranormal encounters with these happy haunts have ever harmed anyone.

“None of the experiences here are ever the kind of thing where people feel scared or threatened, they’re fun ghosts I guess,” said Rave.

If you are interested in taking a spooky tour of the hotel and the rest of the history in Petoskey, .



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