Hook & Hunting: Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week

The governor deemed July 1 through July 7 Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Week.

State departments are getting the word out at more than 60 boat launches across Michigan.

The DNR says the law has four requirements.

First, remove aquatic plants from boats and equipment before launching.

Drain live wells and bilges before leaving…

Throw out unused bait in the trash, not the water.

And finally, don’t transfer fish from where they were caught to other bodies of water.

“We want to keep our Great Lakes safe and free of any and all aquatic invasive species, but we also want to stop the spread of aquatic invasive that are already here,” says Edward Shaw with the Carl T. Johnson Hunt & Fish Center.

The DNR also recommends washing boats and trailers as soon as possible after leaving the water, along with disinfecting live wells and bilges.

If you think you have found an invasive species, the DNR asks you to take a photo, note the location and contact them immediately.

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