Wexford-Missaukee CTC To Offer Adult Career Training

A brand new program will give adults looking for work, a fresh start.

The Wexford-Missaukee Career Tech Center is offering Adult Career Training, starting in January.

It’s a free 18-week program for people who want to earn their GED or high school diploma, along with learning job skills.

They’re offering courses in manufacturing, hospitality and health care.

“At the very end of the process, we have a showcase and at the showcase all of these employers are going to come back,” explained Adult Education Navigator, Ryan Bruntjens. “The individuals that are going through this program, we’ve also been working on soft skills so we’re helping them put together a portfolio, their resume, interview skills. So they will meet with these people at the showcase, it’s almost like a reverse job fair, and they’re going to be offering jobs right there on the spot. We’re dedicated to make sure that these people are successful.”

Classes start soon!

If you are interested in registering, contact Ryan Bruntjens at (231) 876-2266 or rbruntjens@wmisd.org

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