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Promo Image: Jack’s Journal: Cheerful Cashier

Jack’s Journal: Cheerful Cashier

Grocery shopping is one of those weekly duties that’s more work than fun sometimes, and waiting in the checkout line can be a waste of time. 

I found one cashier that always does his best to make your experience a happy one. Some say he’s always smiling!

“Always. Yeah, I don’t know why. I can’t smile everyday like he does, but he does. He comes in every day with a smile and he leaves with a smile,” says Barbara Lee, Meijer.

So why is he so darn cheerful?

“Why? Because I get to interact with all the community as diverse as it is. All the seniors I’ve gotten to know over the years, the young couples who’ve raised the kids come through my lane, it’s a family event,” says cashier Doug Belanger.

From a distance, Doug may seem like a lane you might want to pass on. He’s hunched over from a previous injury. If it looks like he might be in some pain, he is. But he’s upbeat about that, too. He says his eternal daddy helps him with that, and his back is a way to start a conversation.

 “Actually, it helps me with some of my guests. It gives them a chance to ask how I’m doing. It prompts a lot of conversation,” explains Doug.  

Seventeen years now Doug has been helping folks with their purchases, smiling and chatting and making friends. He also comes prepared every day for random acts of kindness. 

“I make homemade dish cloths for the ladies. I always have stickers for the kids, and the fruits of my garden show up here canned,” says Doug.