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Northern Michigan tries to stay cool in extreme temps

The unusually high temperatures have definitely arrived in Northern Michigan, with many people finding ways to stay cool.

In Mason County, lots of people flocked to Ludington to enjoy the sun and sand Monday, hitting the beach at Stearns Park in Ludington.

Beachgoers Abby and Johnny Crimm said they came up here from Big Rapids.


“It’s going to be a hot week. And Johnny here had the day off from work, and so we wanted to do a family beach day,” said Abby.

The family of four brought along their 9-month baby girl Sadie and their 2-year-old son J.J.

“It’s the Sadie’s first time here at Lake Michigan. It’s her maiden voyage. But she loves the beach, so we’ve been to lots of lakes. So, she’s just ready to go,” said Abby.

They discovered this beach last year during her babymoon when she was pregnant with Sadie.


“We live in Big Rapids. And so, we’re about an hour and a half from any park, from Ludington, Grand Haven. Muskegon. And so, this is just as convenient as any,” said Abby.

And they weren’t the only ones that had sand and surf on their minds.

Seasonal resident Liz Farneth said the weather is not too hot for her.

“It’s perfect. We came to the beach last week and it was cooler but we still we made the best of it. This is more of my weather. And with the constant breeze, you’re not overly hot,” said Farneth.


But for her husband it’s a different story, he likes it cooler.

“He needs the shade. I need the sun. That’s why I’m outside of it. And if I get too hot, I’ll go underneath that,” said Farneth.

She said they came out today to test a new shade contraption her husband got yesterday for Father’s Day.

“We’re having a couple of drinks. We’re just gonna hang out, watch the water. I’m gonna do sun bath and nothing special. Beach stuff,” said Farneth.


Mason County Emergency Management Coordinator, Heath Scarbrough said there are things you can do to keep cool in higher temps.

He said you need to listen to your body. You don’t want to overexert yourself and get heatstroke.

“Mainly just staying hydrated, keeping electrolytes. Stay away from the caffeine in high sugar drinks. Try to limit being outdoors. Limit your physical activities,” said Scarbrough.

He also said people will have to find other ways to stay cool the next few days with a red flag day being issued from Tuesday morning through Wednesday afternoon for Mason, Oceana, and Muskegon counties.

He said it’s critical to stay off piers, break heads, and stay out of the water.

“You’re not only putting your own life at danger, but the people that are trying to help you and the responders that are going out also,” said Scarbrough.

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