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Decades-old wind turbines removed from Mackinaw City’s waste water treatment plant

MACKINAW CITY — Something’s missing from the city skyline that’s been around for over two decades.

Two wind turbine generators that were located at Mackinaw City’s waste water treatment plant since 2001 were brought down a few weeks ago.

City manager Patrick Wyman said the lifespan of the turbines is around 20 years. He said the City had the opportunity to take over the turbines but that it would have been too costly.


The turbines in Mackinaw City were Michigan’s first commercial wind project, achieving the first permits, interconnection and leases. They each stood 230 feet high with three 85-foot blades and were visible for miles.

“Those were the first, second and third windmills in the state at the time when they were put up. I think people thought it was more cutting-edge and neat, a lot different than what you see downstate now where you see thousands of them,” said Wyman.

Wyman said the cleanup on the site by Crystal Flash was well done, with the scrap from the turbines being recycled.

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