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Pentwater Citizens Group Reaches Channel Dredge Goal

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Last week, 9&10 News told you about a committee in Pentwater working to raise $100,000 to perform an emergency dredge on the channel. The group has met their goal.

Thanks to a large anonymous donation, the village committing $30,000 and money from the county’s COVID relief money, the channel is scheduled to be dredged as soon as possible.

In some spots of the channel, the water was only three to six feet deep when they would like it to be more like 12 feet.

This project will clear the path this year, while the committee looks ahead to be prepared for if this happens again.

“We believe probably the best way to do this now is to purchase a dredge,” said David Bluhm, chair of the Protect Pentwater Channel Citizens Committee, “Then we’d have control over it on a yearly basis and dredge when we need. Potentially use it to help other recreational harbors. That’s the issue, it’s a recreational harbors that don’t get maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers anymore.”

The committee hopes to have the channel dredged and fully open by mid-June.

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