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Ethanology in Elk Rapids Holds Fundraiser for Ukraine Throughout April

Calling it “Cocktails against Communism,” Ethanology in Elk Rapids is donating $1 from every meal and drink sold to the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, also known as .

“Sitting back, helplessly watching all of the tragic events unfold in Ukraine, we were brainstorming a multitude of ideas of how can we help?” says Ethanology co-owner Nicholas Lefebre. “We wanted to make the largest impact that we could, so we thought that a month-long event would meet that need.”

Happy hour can now be fun and rewarding at the same time.

“There’s been a handful of customers that have come in and one of the first few things that they will mention, especially our regulars who have come in, they say that they have noticed it on social media and they’re excited about it,” says lead mixologist Katie Shaheen. “I think any kind of amount that you can help benefit a local business and an organization that’s going to help what’s going on today—it’s nothing but positive.”

Those at Ethanology believe as the war in Ukraine continues, we’ll see more restaurants and small businesses owners jump on the trend of donation-based fundraisers.

“That’s really what it comes down to for Geri and I, what can we do to make a positive impact on our world and maybe alleviate some of those burdens for people in the smallest way possible,” says Lefebre.

Joining Ethanology for the next two weekends will be food truck Alley Cats Eats & Sweets, for a Ukrainian inspired pop-up.

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