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AARP Offers Employment Advice and Skill Building Tools for Older Workers

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Although job loss due to the pandemic affected millions of Americans, the impact on older workers is often overlooked. On average, a third of the workforce is age 50 or older, and once displaced, older workers take twice as long to find a new job compared to their younger counterparts. In August 2021, nearly half (49.3%) of workers ages 55+ were long-term unemployed compared with 34.7 percent of younger job seekers.

Current data shows that 78% of older workers say they have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace, the highest level since AARP began tracking this question in 2003.

In an effort to help improve their situation in the workforce, two-thirds of older workers report that they are open to learning new skills, according to AARP. Interest in skill-building is highest amongst African Americans/Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos at 74 percent and 82 percent respectively. Technology, computers, professional skills, and licensing are in demand.

Here are some resources from AARP:

  • AARP Skills Builder for WorkSM: Several free skill-building classes available at
  • Other skill-building classes in areas such as Digital Marketing, Communications, and Project Management, are available for a fee. Discounts are available for AARP members.
  • Free Job Board:  


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